Why 'A Bug's Life' for PS1 is the Best Game Ever

We all know deep within our hearts that A Bug's Life was the best PlayStation game. Video games had enjoyed intense growth throughout the 80s and 90s, and it was all leading to this moment. The moment where you could play as a nervous ant who sometimes wears a cap made of a leaf. He has anxiety, but he is also stylish. That's Flik, our jittery hero who is tasked with adventuring, platforming, and jumping on mushrooms. Like a tiny, blue Spyro, but if Spyro was scared to talk to the other dragons and needed to make plants grow in order to successfully platform, maybe.

This tie-in game for the movie I became possibly unhealthily obsessed with as a child, A Bug's Life, was released in 1998. I was seven years old and very excited about any game which let you be a small thing in a normal setting (such as Micro Machines V3, still the best car game ever just because I get to drive through jam and stuff). A Bug's Life became my favourite film, in part due to this fun, imaginative, miniature landscape situation that I found fascinating, and in part due to characters I came to love. The nervous Flik and the boisterous tomboy Princess Dot combined to give me two of the most relatable characters I'd ever come across in a beautiful, mischievous duo.

The first thing I notice when checking out this game almost 20 years later is the animations. The character animations really capture the personalities well. I love the way Flik gets antsy (heh) when you remain inactive for a while and starts beckoning you forwards like he's eager to keep moving. His facial expressions feel impressive considering the graphic quality of the game and communicate his shock or fear at different moments very well.

Most of all though, what makes this game memorable and endlessly fun to play is its gameplay. Every aspect of gameplay feels perfectly tailored to bridge the gap between younger and older players. The collectables are fun, the levels are quick, well-designed, and offer plenty of optional challenges for those wanting a more complete playthrough. Some of the bosses still scare me, since I have residual memories of the horror of being knocked out and hearing that apple crunching sound (true horror indeed).

However, there is no thrill like picking up the homing berries and watching them swirl around the screen to find and destroy your enemies as you lob them frantically about the level. It's also pretty great hearing Flik shout "OH YEAH!" as you collect all the letters in his name (narcissism is key in this game).

My rating? 10/10, would get pronged by angry spiders again.

Outfit: Stripy Comfy

Let us all survey my impeccable posing skills, for I have decided to partake in the legendary 'outfit post' of old. Of course we all remember these from when blogs were invented back in 1462, but I am daring enough to bring them back in these modern times of pestilence and only wearing head to toe stickers of Liam Payne's face (as is the traditional English fashion).

This is the first time I've worn tights in a while, and it slightly backfired as I've found myself with a mysterious toe ache. Only in one foot, confusingly, but it feels like they're just too tight somehow. I have no idea what's going on, but it's not pleasant. I'm thinking of getting some new knee length and/or thigh length socks and throwing my tights into the hellfire (the best solution to most sartorial problems). I've been missing wearing tights, but I've also been missing wearing long socks. I endeavour to wear the longest socks on this Earth.

Aside from that, I was happy with this outfit. A very comfy and simple look, but I like the smartness of wearing black tights and chelsea boots (not pictured very well, but trust me, they are good). I also forever love the shape of a skater skirt, since obviously I yearn to be mildly triangular at all times. The stripy t-shirt is an old one I forgot I had for a while, but I love it because it has a slight weight to it and is a treasure from an old friend. Also, y'know, stripes are nice.

Please recommend your favourite lengthy socks to me.

Nostalgic Longing & Happy Synth Pop Playlist

I have this strange invigorated feeling again. Maybe I should take pictures every day and just share some thoughts. I don't know. I feel like recording something mundane and personal and perhaps lengthy again. I've been reading Eline's blog (perma pupa) a little bit again today, for the sake of reminiscence (and because I love her a lot) and seeing it for just a second instantly brings that inspired and nostalgic feeling. A feeling that makes me just want to type a stream of consciousness and see some kind of special magic in the most normal and everyday things. Colours and wind and comfy clothes. I don't know how to describe what precisely that is, but I love it so much.

I also discovered a Tumblr blog which posts gifs from weird old Playstation games (asobi-station) and that gives me a comparable feeling too. There is just something about that era of 3D modelling. Those polygons. Everyone talks about how ugly the graphics are in Final Fantasy VII these days, but I still love them. I love their blocky hands and weird shapes so much.

ANYWAY, here are some pictures.

Do you ever put your hair in a bun and have this happen? An escaping waterfall of hair? It's an art form, truly. Once again my hair tries its hardest to escape from the terrors of my scalp. Nice try hair, but you are my prisoner forever.

Here's some of my diary, ft. a big dog and a big scribble (the two things that express my personality most, really). I'm using a pink pen because I'm exciting and cool. Also, here's that playlist that you can see, in full:


The Human League - Love Action (I Believe in Love)
Florrie - Real Love
Kero Kero Bonito - Trampoline
Scritti Politti - Wood Beez (Pray Like Aretha Franklin)
Thomas Dolby -Hyperactive!
Perfume - Spending All My Time
Red Velvet - Red Flavor

It's meant to be a very happy, peppy playlist, so that you can listen to it and feel like a puppy who has just been stroked a lot. Warning: a puppy that listens to The Human League may overheat from blissful synthy exhaustion. Combine such volatile elements with caution.

Here's a picture of my desk/bookshelf combo space, because I find it interesting how this space in particular is always changing bit by bit. This is it at a relatively messy stage. There are several empty packets of Space Raiders in the bin (nutritious!). The "Where's The Word" book on the bottom shelf is a big book of wordsearches. It was printed in the USSR and includes a wordsearch about Morris Dancing. I love culture.

When You Love Trolls

Here are some extremely good pictures (some of me, but mostly of my old cats from when they were kittens desperate to chew on all available cables). Above we can see me, back when I was a toddler and very happy to be with the big fluff dog. I still think German Shepherds are some of the coolest looking dogs around. Please allow me to now hug all of them. Bring them all to me for hugs.

Here are the cats and their lifelong best friend, a cardboard box. I think we can all appreciate the supportive and encouraging friendship of a cardboard box - a better friend than many humans, to be honest.

This is perhaps the most guilty image I have ever seen. He wants to EAT THE ENTIRE PLUG but he knows it is a dark sin to do so.

Sins are often best committed with a sister in tow to egg you on and then possibly steal the cable from you at an opportune moment. Electricity is delicious, everyone, do try it in your next salad!

Of course then, inevitably, you must FIGHT TO THE DEATH.

Back to me again - here I am with my purest love. My affections to this day are still reserved only for trolls.

I Identify As Kraftwerk's Ninth Studio Album

Hi Blogger. My strange friend. One of a million interfaces, and orange like a jaffa cake. So I guess I'll write a post. One of those posts where I type some kind of DIRECT BRAIN COMMUNICATIONS, y'know, without even a picture lined up (woah). Today I've been looking at old last.fm stuff. Yeah, that site. Did you ever have a profile? Do you still scrobble? Well, it seems I took around a year out from scrobbling. It felt liberating to just listen to stuff without thinking of the statistics. I'd used last.fm since 2008. Two different accounts, however, because you can't change your username so I decided to finally make a new one in 2013. It felt like my music tastes and attitudes had changed a lot between 2008 and 2013. I listen to stuff more from a perspective of base enjoyment these days rather than the intellectual curiosity that drove a lot of listening habits previously. I don't know, I like cheesy stuff and pop nonsense and all manner of kinda odd things and I've embraced that more and more. That doesn't mean Depeche Mode and Split Enz won't be my top artists again, but y'know, things are just different. More carefree. I like that.

My last.fm profile today.

Anyway, so I ended up not scrobbling my listens for a while, and during that time I had around 6 months of listening to pretty much only kpop - from when I discovered SHINee's 1 of 1 in October 2016. And then this month I suddenly re-discovered last.fm. I felt really nostalgic for it and decided, yeah okay, let's use this thing again. It's inspiring me to listen to new music a lot more and to really actively enjoy music discovery and playlist building again. All that good stuff. I'd totally forgotten how last.fm shaped my music listening habits. The changes to the site hasn't changed that primary impact, so for now, I'm deciding to make it a thing again. I'm going to listen a lot, and try to talk to people there too (I might need to learn Portuguese, since the site seems to be used mostly by Brazilians these days).

Today I found records of my old last.fm profile. Snapshots of it from all the way back in 2008, 2009, 2010, and it made me feel kinda sad. It's weird to look on your past self, and somehow I felt melancholy that I'm not 2009 me any more. I mean, who even was that person? It almost feels like recording myself is pointless, because truly as soon as something is recorded I'm not that person any more. I don't really relate to my memories of a child me, or a teenage me, or even a me from a few years ago. It feels sometimes like I'm an alien within myself. I'm not sure if my sense of self is somehow warped. I mean, when I look at those old records of what I was listening to during a specific month years ago, yes, it does feel like me. It does feel representative of who I am. But I feel segmented, like a big orange, into all these different pieces. And I know that we are all just jumbled up collections of stuff, but sometimes I want this cohesive whole. I guess that's one reason people love horoscopes. You can just say, well, I'm an Aquarius. I mean, hey, I know I'm a Ravenclaw, and that my favourite video game genre is JRPGS, and that my favourite music genres are synth pop and post punk new wavey stuff and 1980s Japanese electronic - and that I prefer a slightly industrial infused brand of synth pop (Depeche Mode, Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft, and Kraftwerk's Electric Café album).

My top artists, 29th December 2009.

This all feeds into my thoughts about being places online as well. It's like we're segmenting ourselves even further to place ourselves neatly into different services and sites. Does my username describe me better or worse than my legal name? Photographs don't feel like they capture me either. The only thing that really feels like me is my physical self. My body is me. So why be online at all when my body can't be there? Take my body and throw it into a big pile of synths and have John Barnes rap next to it like in that New Order football song.

11th April, 2010.

Diary: Skeleton Crime Drama

It's been some time again since I've really been writing diary entries, but I was looking at my notebooks and I thought it was about time for some more.

This notebook I'm currently using was originally a language book. I wrote some translation notes and small word lists in there (for Korean and Japanese). But I decided to paint in it because it's kinda small and weird. It just felt like the right one to put some stuff in.

As you can ascertain from these diary entries, I have mostly been playing video games and wearing shorts. It's all I'm capable of when it gets hot and my brain turns to mush. I've had a few games on my list of games I have to play soon (as is always the case, really) and Grim Fandango was one of them. A truly enjoyable skeleton crime drama.

I also spent some time making gifs with SNOW filters again. They are strangely mesmerising.

I Like Shorts, They're Comfy & Easy To Wear

Hello. I am here to promote shorts. There's nothing like releasing your legs into the wild of a summer. They deserve it. Quite frankly, without shorts I'm not sure how I would survive. These ones are particularly excellent because they have really nice pockets. They're from Uniqlo, which is a place I've become very interested in lately (just my kind of cute, casual clothes that feel as close to pyjamas as possible but look quite neat).

That's really all I have to say. The shorts are good, and I love them.