Inspiration: 5 Things ☆

I've been thinking a lot lately about all the things that inspire me and make me excited to be alive and to have eyes and hands and legs that can all do things, so here is a selection of some cool things.

1. Pictures of people at art museums

Picture by dittokiddo.
I love art museums, but I think so often that I love seeing people looking at the pieces even more than I love the pieces themselves. And y'know, people don't realise how cute the back of their heads can be. People and paintings should be together. They make each other better.

2. These cool & weird drawings by HOLOGRAM CEILING


I love all kinds of strange and wonderful art, and I love the gently creepy style of these. What is happening? I don't know, but it's great. Plant Pot With Legs is the name of my next single.

3. This frog

Picture via This Isn't Happiness.

He only wants to listen to snusic (snail music) and I respect that.

4. Beautiful SHINee fan art

Drawing by faheej.

Please look at this beautiful and amazing drawing of my favourite Korean boy band. I love its soft colours and the style is so perfect. It's so calming and pleasant. Something about the way everyone's faces is captured just makes me smile.

5. Starry faces

Picture by hyun.lip.

After seeing this picture I'd really like to make some new constellations just for my face.

Diary: Alolan Meowth

I thought I'd make a big header image since I pasted this strange and delightful painting into this section of my diary and it's my favourite part.

This post is going to be a bit preoccupied with Pokémon, since I just got my hands on Pokémon Sun at the time of writing, but first - I went to the Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green on Friday the 18th. It was well laid out, but felt very small somehow. It made me realise how much I love dolls though. Looking at all the Barbies and Sindys and others from the past several decades and how they've evolved over time was so interesting. I love the chunkier Sindy dolls from the 1970s.

Week highlights include: the rain bashing down on the windows really hard, cutting out some little bunnies, getting some apple juice (my favourite), and then the start of my latest Pokémon adventure.

I love so many of the Sun & Moon design elements, and I especially love the Alolan versions of existing Pokémon. I caught myself an Alolan Meowth and Alolan Rattata right away and both of them are so cute. I also have a Pikipek and honestly, I think bird Pokémon are some of my favourites. So many cute birds to catch. I love them.

As soon as the opportunity arose I changed all my clothes to black. I'm so glad this important feature is now a fixture in these games so I can express my preferred monochrome aesthetic and remove my hat. Now that's what I call gameplay!

Home (In The Sky)

Here's a post about homes and what and where they are, a subject I love to think about all the time, when I'm sad or happy, or when I feel nothing in particular. I guess it's an identity thing but also I've always been interested in the idea of nests and personal spaces of all different kinds. I like thinking about how crows collect things to decorate their nests with and how we have so much in common with all different types of birds building and decorating and destroying their nests. Also I just love the word nest. Nice Easy Soft Trespass, or whatever fun acronym you'd like to come up with. Nothing Ever Stays True, maybe.

I often feel this deep sense of being at home when I am outside, especially at night and in the dark in residential/suburban streets with lots of trees along them, or in transition spaces like hospitals or supermarkets (again something about being in these places after dark feels like home). Sometimes I get this feeling like the sky is home, especially when the moon looks big. There is something important about the sky and the light and the air in all of this.

Listen to the Delays song 'Find A Home' in the dark and you might feel home somewhere near.

Art Journal: Sketches & Watercolour Tests

I decided to try and emulate my school sketchbooks in a new journal, since I really want to experiment a lot with specific things. On the first pages I just did a little collage with some colourful paint and a couple of pictures I liked, because I also want to make mood boards and fun collages in here, as collages somehow manage to express everything so well. Such a good way to collect ideas and inspirations.

I want to up my sketching since I haven't been sketching that much and I still encounter lots of proportion issues. I wonder if my ability to get a real likeness has decreased in the past few years. It's possible. Still, I think I do better sketching from a real life person rather than a picture, so it would be interesting to note the differences there if I can.

I've missed exploring and annotating journeys through various formalistic elements, so I'm happy to take a more academic approach with this journal. I'm still going to let myself play around in it, but from a more structured standpoint. I'll still keep a separate journal at the same time for being more spontaneous and not really thinking about what I'm doing.

I've been focusing on some watercolour tests so far, concentrating on trying to mix skin tones and layering colours, as well as how much control and precision to attempt given that watercolours by their nature are thinner and more unpredictable than the acrylic paint I'm used to using. I'm really enjoying the colour mixing and blending, but my proportions are weird. I think I tried so hard to be precise that I was too stiff and couldn't get them right. Portions of the painting above where I allowed the water to move wherever it wanted to a little more seem to look more natural and correct.

This painting was a later experiment with really watery acrylic and with minimal consideration, the composition of features turned out much better. I also love these purple and orange colours together. Smoother movements and more roughly placed brushstrokes definitely helped here.

The Most Terrifying Game Of All

I recently bought creepy point and click game Dance of Death for less than a pound because I thought it seemed like a game with a unique style and atmosphere, and I was not disappointed. Firstly, there are skeletons playing instruments, and that is one of my main interests. Secondly, the puzzles are really fun. The whole game has this Victorian style to it and it features lots of drawers and boxes full of strange items. Worn out photographs, pocket watches, strange dolls with flickering eyes - that sort of thing.

It feels like walking through a lot of people's attics, only with a violin-playing skeleton by your side to help you out if you get stuck somewhere. There are some jump scares, but to me they're more spooky and stylised than scary. The game builds a compelling, creepy atmosphere, but it's not really frightening.

One thing that I also think Dance of Death does really well is the sense of gameplay it has, Through its puzzles and item-collecting riddles it makes me feel like I am doing a lot of things, picking up a lot of items, and discovering a lot of clues. Hopefully I can get to the bottom of the story soon.


Some days are pyjama days, and lie down and eat cake days, and these days should be celebrated. So here are some silly pictures from one such day, ft. my gingerbread people pyjamas (because I guess it's appropriate to wear those now). Please wish upon me some kind of delicious salted caramel roulade or similarly perfect treat.

And don't worry, I'll clean that dust off my mirror. All surfaces shall be clear and all cakes shall be eaten. That's my official motto.

Happy Journal Thoughts

I've been feeling really close to (and happy about) my little journal lately. I have been doing some strange little paintings and making mini collages with them. Sometimes I feel most comfortable putting things directly into my journal, but sometimes it feels more freeing to make things for it on separate pieces of paper to put in later. Knowing when to use each approach is useful in making it feel like more of a genuine reflection to me.

I definitely feel less attached to the pre-configured daily diary set-up that I've been doing all this year. Writing my thoughts in this journal feels a lot more limitless right now. Having set pages for each day is restrictive, and that can be a good or bad thing depending on how much of a guideline you want, but at the moment I really just want to write whenever it feels most right. In a day-by-day diary I feel like I should be writing about my day and summarising it, or at least picking out things that were specifically about that day or things from that day, but in this journal I feel free to dedicate pages and spreads to whatever I want, and that's more exciting!

I can stick in more paintings, or receipts, or weird things. I can dedicate as many pages as I like to the beauty of hedgehogs, or cool socks, or Napoleon. I can write a small essay on apples. I can really put all of my strangest and most sudden thoughts in here. It just feels so much more natural, and varied, and I like that a lot.