5 Favourite Videos: Minimalism

One thing I find really comforting and relaxing as well as super inspiring and often informative is watching decluttering and minimalism videos on YouTube. Whether it's watching someone clean up their room or organise their drawers, or watching someone talk about how they decided to sell their wedding wing and replace it with a $1 version, I love this subject as a whole.

Life is endlessly weird and I feel personally that a lot of stability can come from giving lots of thought attention to questions about self-identity and the way I exist on a mental or physical level level with everything around me. Since objects and space are often somewhat controllable compared to my actual self, I find it so calming and enjoyable to do things like organising and decluttering and I also love to think about it and watch other people do it and talk about it.

I also feel like minimalism and certain ideas or aesthetics within minimalism can appear quite alienating, so I thought it be useful to compile some of my favourite videos about minimalism or minimalist concepts that I think are accessible and fun.

1. Declutter Your Life: Less Stuff, Less Stress! Part 1 - Christine Kobzeff

This is a simple video of a woman cleaning up her room and talking about it. There are several subsequent parts in which she declutters and rearranges pretty much her whole house. It's really interesting seeing how her reasoning changes a bit as she goes along, and really satisfying seeing the results.


A nice talk about how we use items and purchases as measures of success/love/happiness and the possibility for sentimentality in cheap gifts.

3. My journey to Minimalism - Part 1 - Average Jane

Sock drawer organisation. My favourite.

4. Minimalism: What I Stopped Buying! - Sarah Nourse

I find it so interesting what people realise they don't need to have in their lives at all after reassessing what they buy and why, so this is a really nice, succinct video about all the things one person decided she no longer needed or wanted.

5. Minimalism Challenge Day 1: Purse | #5DaystoMinimalism - Lavendaire

Lavendaire has been doing a series of mini decluttering challenges which are very simple and fun to watch.

I'd also like to give an honourable mention to this '5 Days of Minimalism' Refinery29 video which comes from a series of videos about week-long lifestyle challenges. I'm so relaxed and ready to perfect the alignment of my teddy bears.

Evil Flowers & Other Delights

Here are some miscellaneous journal pages, featuring this evil flower. Possibly my best original character, who is sure to have his own TV series and range of themed cutlery soon.

Also, here's a diagram of me having a good time. It shows all the signs to look for in order to deduce that I'm having a good time. Useful.

And finally, here is a nice and cool wholesome drawing, of the type I would like to create many more of. Good. Thanks.


Here I am in the darkness where I belong. Lurking, and other fun activities (creeping, sneaking, etc). It's funny how we depend on light to see things. You ever think about that? It's weird.

I've been thinking lately about liminal spaces (in part thanks to this Tumblr post going around) and I realise they are the most calming and soothing and normal-feeling places to be in. I love being in some threshold as if time stands still. I've always loved hospitals because they feel timeless and endless and strange in a way that feels more like home than anything. They feel safe and magical and unreal. It's like I live in the inbetweens, in the times where everyone sleeps, in all the invisible places.

I don't know, I love them so much.

Totoro is also here with me because he loves the hollow, endless dark.

Happy Home Designer: Scoot's Island Poolhouse

This is Scoot. He asked me to get him a house with a pool so he can work on his water polo skills. I took him to a beautiful, sunny peninsula so he can also use the sea as his own personal garden pool. True luxury.

Here he is surveying his indoor pool.

After decorating for a while, we decided to take a nap on Scoot's newly installed pool chairs. We're close friends by now. I mean, I don't nap in all my clients' houses (okay, I do).

Scoot seems to have developed something of a strained relationship with the paddling pool duck here. I hope they can learn to get along.

Seems one nap wasn't enough for him.

So we're all done and I think he's pretty pleased. We got some home comforts, we got a refreshing coconut drink by the pool, we got a seagull hanging from the ceiling. All good things.

The garden also has a nice little stump for sitting on and contemplating life.

Another house done and another duck pleased!

Freddo Forever

I'm not usually one to develop obsessions with corporate entities, but this fabulous frog mascot is an exception. Maybe because Freddos were always one of my favourite chocolate thingies as a kid, but also because I feel like he just has so much personality. He's got some secrets, I bet.

I mean, just look deep into his eyes and you can tell that he has a great love of classic Russian literature and wine-tasting. He's an educated frog with a lot of thoughts on both global economics and biochemical analysis of free will. He also loves the Cha Cha Slide and collects the glares of strangers in a jar.

I love him.

Diary: Fried Brain & Books

I spent this week watching a ridiculous amount of YouTube videos. My brain has been a bit fried, so it's the easiest thing to do and I can watch them whilst doing other little things, which is nice. I'm really looking forward to when the weather starts to cool down. The heat across the past month or so has made me feel so sluggish, and I'm really missing my big jumpers and cardigans now. Bring on Autumn!

Since over half of 2016 has been and gone, I've been thinking about my reading progress throughout the year so far, and I'm very happy with my current count of forty two books read. I'd like to aim for a hundred books in total by the new year, but that's very ambitious. I'd have to read three books a week from now on. That's a lot. Still, it's just an idle thought. I'm not going to force myself to read more than I can actually enjoy.

I feel so sleepy at the moment. I want to go to a party and sleep at the same time. Combine those two things for me and I will be very happy.


The ponytail is a magical creature and talisman. It holds its own little secrets (and some hair). It also maintains a satisfying bouncing motion when walking or running, and I'm pretty sure it would fight any enemy.

There must be a link somewhere between ponytail and fairytale. Often we think of long, flowing, unrestricted hair as a fairytale element. The hair holds great power and mysticism in many places and across many stories, but what about the unassuming ponytail?

The ponytail lurks unnoticed, practical and innocent. It's a tiny cove of secrets (and some hair).